This Is Only This

Installation I did for the National Gallery of Contemporary Art in Sunderland. It was a great experience, and I'm really glad I did it, but it's kind of galling to put in all the work and get paid only in exposure. If I drew it on the pavement in the street outside, I could put a cap down and get a few quid in donations, but I did it in a gallery, so I get exposure instead. The world is crazy, man.

It's there till June if you want to see it.
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Space Marine

I don't think orks have penises either, actually. Is that important?
 My friend Helm gave a review of the recent Space Marine game, and I felt it needed illustrating and sharing. These are the first space marines I've drawn since I was like, thirteen. They're more fun to draw than they should be, probably.

 I don't actually know much of anything about warhammer, or the space marine game, so I just drew them based on how I remembered from my ill spent youth. I had lots of fun with the texturing.

 Why are they space *marines*? Why not space soldiers, or space mounties? Space mounties would be awesome.

Noteworthy Cats #73 - Frampton

You can tell he would have liked to though

 The pious pet of the Reverend Foxworthy, Frampton was taught by his master that the left hand turn was the mark of Old Nick himself, and he should never turn so. He became famous for his long, spiralling routes around Mayfair and Blackfriars, circling ever closer on his home in the Chalksgate Vicarage.
 Frampton died tragically when being chased by a dog he could not escape, as both its left legs were shorter than its right ones.

"The Day That Nothing Happened!"

 We made this a while ago but I guess I forgot to post it here. It's a old school graphic adventure game made using AGS, and is part of the venerable Reality-On-The-Norm series, a ten year anniversary celebration of it in fact, but you shouldn't need to know anything about it to enjoy the game.


Explore strange buildings!

Get snubbed by strange foxes!

Hang out at perfectly normal religious ceremonies!

  Take on the role of Mika Huy, intrepid girl reporter and photo journalist as she seeks to pull the town back from the brink of destruction and despair! Explore the forest and town and talk to lots of curiously camp animals and inanimate objects as you go! Can you save the day in time to have a big cake with a zombie at the Anniversary Celebration?

 You can download it from here. Controls should be pretty easy to work out, except that you need to look at your notepad to look at it, and that's your map.

 Have fun and let us know if you like it. Feedback is the magic juice on which indie game makers thrive.

Stuff for Sale!

Hi loves!

I've been gone for too long, but I'm back, and you can buy my arts, like this one -

walk that walk

and coloured versions of stuff -


 The store is here - - and has colour and b & w prints, original silver ink drawing and all sorts.

  Buying something from me will be netting you an awesome piece of art, and also be keeping me from the poor house, or the match factory. And you would not like me to die of Phossy Jaw, would you?

 I also do commission work, an will happily draw anything you ask for. Even big fat cocks.