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"The Day That Nothing Happened!" - Mobile Meat Machines [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Davy Malay

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"The Day That Nothing Happened!" [Jul. 30th, 2011|01:29 pm]
Davy Malay
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 We made this a while ago but I guess I forgot to post it here. It's a old school graphic adventure game made using AGS, and is part of the venerable Reality-On-The-Norm series, a ten year anniversary celebration of it in fact, but you shouldn't need to know anything about it to enjoy the game.


Explore strange buildings!

Get snubbed by strange foxes!

Hang out at perfectly normal religious ceremonies!

  Take on the role of Mika Huy, intrepid girl reporter and photo journalist as she seeks to pull the town back from the brink of destruction and despair! Explore the forest and town and talk to lots of curiously camp animals and inanimate objects as you go! Can you save the day in time to have a big cake with a zombie at the Anniversary Celebration?

 You can download it from here. Controls should be pretty easy to work out, except that you need to look at your notepad to look at it, and that's your map.

 Have fun and let us know if you like it. Feedback is the magic juice on which indie game makers thrive.